$XELA broke down the downtrend… reversal soon? I think not! Fading volume, fading price, fading interest… what else can happen now? A reverse split? Look at the JAGX chart and ask yourself what are the probabilities XELA goes thru the same ‘type’ of scenario? very high IMHO ⚠️🚩 And for ALL the idiot bagholding dreamers that think XELA will go back to ATH’s… again check JAGX and ask yourself if the SP EVER traded above 22 000$/share 😆 😂 😝 Xela is NOT going back to 37, 30, or even 10$… 2 to 2.80 MAX on a spike, then back to downtrending. 🤷🏼‍♀️🚩⚠️