Naked Short Selling. Here is a VERY telling idea of how it was done to cause the banking collapse of 2008-2009. Of course, the SEC and FINRA will argue they have "fixed it." Not even close. In 2016, The Dark Pools emerged and with their loopholes, they are systematically stealing billions, if not a trillion or more in stock market wealth from more than 6000 broader market stocks through systematic HFT naked short ladder attacks without any locate whatsoever and by illegally marking short sales as long. This is why you see ANY stock that goes higher suddenly on the Reg SHO Naked Short List such as ISIG BFRI DWAC LGVN STRN $RELI $PTPI $PPSI or even recent IPOs $IMMX and $HOUR trading millions upon millions of short sales when they are restricted from short selling for the first 30 days. Here is 1 BILLION++ naked short order executed when there was a nationwide HALT on all short selling Public admission to illegal naked shorting