$ACB Effective pre split price $1.32. Still down ~87% YOY. No reason to be making a bullish case just yet. Co. only has 10% Institutional ownership and they all own book values of around %1.53. If you're scratching your head, asking yourself why the hell this has jumped from $5 to $16 while at the same time having reporting well over a $100 mil loss last quarter, look no further than those Institutional holders looking for their exit. This isn't grinding up on a little $40 mil CBD acquisition. Aurora laying off 500 employees, halting construction on a major project and dropping 25% of their board only to lose 1/5th of their market cap on their bottom line in a single quarter. Then they reverse split, throw in a massive ATM offering, and pay for yet another acquisition with more shares. In the name of growth by acquisition, shareholders will continue to bite the bullet
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