$HUSA For traders who see other opportunities, it's best you cash out of HUSA and make earnings elsewhere. Diligent investors know they have bought low and stand to earn a pretty penny when the stock goes to 25 and 30 cents soon. Double your energy. Everyone wants fast money, no good money is earned in a pinch. All is an effort. My advice, go play a round of golf, hit the gym, do some "good work" in the community, go to church, or have sex with your woman. Don't let HUSA get the best of you. You are better than your worst day. Give it a month or so, you'll be smiling when you're in the green and taking a vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Money is the reward for hard work, not gamblers who want to get rich quick. There will always be market manipulation, price pinning, and shady characters in the market inducing panic, but you are not one of them. Rather, a savvy investor who sees buy opportunities and is ready to sell value to the next customer. Hold and sell big. - Capitalease
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