$SPY StockTwits is 99% absolute losers. You clowns aren't real traders. You put your $200 weekly allowance in each Monday and gamble it away on out-of-the-money options. Then, you spend the rest of the week trolling those of us who make money trading for a living. I know who you are, and I'm laughing at your ignorance. I enjoy taking your money every week via the stock market, and you will NEVER amount to anything for the rest of your lives, scumbags. P.S. - My apologies to the other 1% of StockTwits users. I also know who you are, and this message does not apply to you.
@RealTimeTradingIdeas lol bud. You’re becoming unhinged. Look at my posts if you want. I’m not offended Bc I’m the 1% you mention of. Just Bc a trade of yours has lost doesn’t mean you have to let it out on the people being smart and buying calls.