$AMRN CORRECTION! It appears I made some calculation errors in those Percentage of Scripts Quarter over Quarter. My apologies to all and a big thanks to @obx_jk for pointing them out. So , let me repost that correction: I'm still holding with my 1,440,000 scripts in Q1 (pretty aggressive). However, the percent difference from quarter to quarter shows up in this table: 15% (not 54%) Growth in Q1 2021 over Q4 2020. (much better, thanks again @obx_jk and a 5.79% growth from Q4 over Q3. Keep in mind that this a just a wild ass guess (WAG), and I'm probably way too optimistic. Let's see what the trend looks like in the next couple of weeks. Then I'll make some adjustments. Thanks for your patience!
@CaptBeer @jblood83 , I agree with you. Based on Amrn's preliminary numbers and quick math, 2020 Q4 was $163.2mm 2019 Q4 was 143.3mm and 2020 Q1 was 155mm. So staying above $160mm for 2021 Q1 shouldn't be a problem with current numbers.
@obx_jk @jblood83 Thanks, but I'm now feeling a bit "queasy" about the 1,440,000 script number. That equates to about $193 million in revenue. Here's another one that shows 1,325,000 scripts (7.6% increase) which equates to $178 million for Q1. Some of you may find this more appealing?