$SONN SitRep 5/2 13:30 Hours @mrinvestorpro Sir, As you will recall from my previous telegram to you, I had requested that you dispatch reinforcements to replace the troops that were terminally wounded in your last ill-advised alert to attack a couple of months back. The novice recruits that you sent on Friday from Pump Squadron, to breathe New Life into efforts to move your drinks cabinet to higher ground, have arrived. I’m sorry to report Sir, that almost immediately and unsurprisingly, their numbers were decimated. With yet another abject failure to be documented, I dispatched Lance Corporal @motorhhead to survey the scene, and he reports that this latest ambush is most likely a result of leaked intelligence at Pump HQ. Someone in your ranks Sir, is most likely working with the enemy combatants for their own personal gain. Additionally, he reports that your surviving recruits are walking around dazed Sir, requesting your immediate instruction as to whether to abort the mission.