$AMRS - arrr - at what point do ye think they run out o options? Have ye read none of their patents? ~sigh~ This comment alone shows you are not a serious investor and don’t deserve this boards tyme.
@whatthedom @jewell69 Wrong, business model definitely matters. Amyris is doing great right now because they have a few molecules and can scale them really well, but what happens when their options run out? Ginkgo has unlimited options and are actually expanding the options they can do. "Ginkgo is looking to build a platform to make biology and cells as easy to program as computers," says Kirsty Gibson, a portfolio manager at Baillie Gifford, which is buying stock in Ginkgo as part of the SPAC deal. "What's really exciting is that it's not limited by industry verticals -- agricultural, flavor and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, food." Amyris is doing great, but there are more than one way to do things. Also, see this thread, is scaling really that big of a moat you are thinking it is? twitter.com/varro_analytics....
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