$EVOK @wilex is a user with ~280 posts. Almost zero of them contain anything of substance. People of his kind are here now to scream “we need an offering before approval or before we can get this to market.” If his user name looks familiar, it’s because it is. His lasts posts happened last year leading up to PDUFA, then he made fun of people for CRL, and then the account went SILENT until this last week or so. These people are the lowest life form out there. I’ll tell ya what.... if you’re here screaming about an offering you know nothing. This is a one trick pony with no pipeline and a commercialization agreement in place to retain 80%+ profits. If you see people like @wilex don’t hesitate to call them out. Ask them to share a screenshot from their brokerage of their position here, gains here, or even a trade confirmation for $EVOK None produced? Block and report them. That’s the only way to fix this app. So @wilex lets see that screenshot pal. You’re on the clock
@wilex I wouldn’t ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. That’s just not the kind of guy I am. So here’s a shot as of this morning of my biotech holdings.