$BNGO if all truly cared about life, this ipo would have ran. We got heartless entities here. Think about that. All these hospitals, Children hospitals They are racking children bodies up. Know one is watching them. Killing all them children. Experimenting on them with new market vaccines, drugs. U people are blind to truth. Cancer is exploding, and know one is asking why? I am truly disgusted with you humans. As a group, crowd. you are heinous creatures. I think yesterday is what did it for me. The behavior here, when it went green. My goodness. The energy shifted, but not good even with green. I felt the evil on you. U don't deserve this gift. I would like for those with a heart. Make your money. Be wise. Never allow money to change you. Turn you into one of these heartless demons. They are on their way out. Cancer is knocking on most doors. Think about this device when it comes for u. I know it's coming. I know! 👹🥂
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