$BNGO Bulls, keep this board filled with optimism. This is no pump and dump. Readers,👩‍💻 please, take your time reviewing all valuable material on company's profile👨‍🔬. Many bulls have posted great information about BNGO. Their recent earnings and future plugins for lucrative gains. All is looking green here. Shorts bet against ipo's. They see us as food, wealth. We are being attacked on no true valid grounds. Stop limit triggers, flippers, scalpers, and bashers🤜 They appear on every dip. The poor uneducated.. 😣This is a new company🏗. What they have produced is very amazing. Demand is written all over this🌐🏆. Before listening to those that seek to devour 🔪investors and this ipo. READ all article on BNGO.. House always wins. Always! Bears 🐻are their footdogs🐺. Some play fair, but most don't🥀. U must be wiser then them, stronger mentally. War on the minds🧠. Will yours break💔? Cus, they deliver pressure. Common sense is needed. And, self assurance within self. 💪Gl
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