$BNGO Don't sleep on BNGO. Do not doubt if this go over 1.00 this week. Why shouldn't it?. We just recently recieved good news. U people are crazy to believe because it did not move Thursday and Friday that means dead. Wake up already. This one moves when it wants too. It's up to the investors. Who wants more,want in, or sell. Get a clue already. There is plenty of growth here. I would hold on tight. This ride will surprise many. This is way oversold. So stop bashing others that see a spike coming. We been here longer than you new cats. This one gots character. This is no dead horse. If you doubt, sell and move on. Weak minds isn't going to cut it.. plenty of garbage out there. Pick one.. U must know the difference between a profit maker and a hit and run. Gl
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