$TRNX I'm just curious how long are people willing to wait for TRNF to be tradable before taking action, like SEC complaint or lawsuits. Because I am getting pretty close to doing one or the other. I bought a publicly traded company not a privately held one. I recently sold shares of a privately held company because I wanted the ability to have a market for my shares. I don't want to hear that I need to be patient and what's my hurry. That is not relevant, what is relevant is that publicly traded companies are supposed to be tradable, period, no excuses. If they were not ready to be able to trade it they shouldn't have done the spin-off yet. Plenty of companies do a spin-off and shares are tradable pretty much right away. What I am asking is what are people's time table ? Mine is Friday, if by end of day Friday they are not tradable I am filling a complaint with the SEC, and speaking to a lawyer. This is beyond ridiculous, they are either liars or incompetent.
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