$MAXR @indievestments That's an individual call for each investor. If this goes well it will follow the path of $IRDM. If you bought into $IRDM when it was massively levered and had no cashflow and had yet to launch a single NEXT spacecraft, well, you've made out like a bandit since then. But you took big risk to do so. If you bought the right dip in the last few months since the capex stopped and deleverage is underway, well, you took less risk but you could still be up 25% right now, for little risk. Which one of those ends of the risk spectrum floats your boat, that's for each investor to decide for themselves.
@CestrianCapitalResearch that's all fine and well, but like I said, once it becomes obviously obvious that the balance sheet is in better shape, the stock will probably already be several points higher, maybe more. You get paid when you bear some uncertainty. How else does one make the big money? Wait until it's all clear? Market participants are telling you this is ready to go higher. $MAXR
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