We Need To Talk About $FSLY. Now, we do not like the fundamentals of this company at all. Not at all. Eats money, no recurring revenue to speak of, gets paid in arrears, earnings calls are all big-hat-no-cattle. Want a proper edge compute player, go buy $NET. But, want to play a breakout to the upside? We're buying $FSLY too. Because look what the chart is telling you. First, it's one of the few Ghost Stocks Of FinTwit that got beaten all the way down to the 0.618 Fib retracement from the 2020 highs back to the 2020 lows (most caught a bid at the 0.5 level); it then dropped even more, almost to the 0.786 level; bounced; and has staged a quiet recovery. The current price, $47ISH, is where the gap sits and it's also the level from which the greater part of the 2020 run was launched. We don't like the fundamentals. But they aren't this bad. We think $FSLY is going to break to the upside and we are, accordingly, disclosure, long $FSLY. Oh, and disclosure, long $NET too.
@Db421 What do you not understand 'we don't like the fundamentals of this company at all.' Second sentence not so hard to understand. Ophir doesn't understand the tech behind it, he admitted himself.