$ASAN Couple points to make here. One, how come so few followers?? Two, our genius due diligence led to a nice quick gain today for folks in our Premium Room. We saw the CEO make a big buy as reported after the close yesterday, we flagged ASAN as our Idea Of The Day in the Premium Room (that's what the Room is, our best idea of the day) and indeed we bought some ASAN for staff personal accounts along the way. Well, you know how this ends, free money rained upon us today as the market reacted to that CEO buy. Some of our work is super complex fundamental analysis, some is fairly ambitious chart work, sometimes it's real simple. This one was real simple. Whether we can succeed in cashing out at the right time ... remains to be seen. For now, a very nice quick paper gain - thankyou $ASAN ! (Disclosure, long ASAN).