$TSLA - let's forget about Tesla the company, which makes jalopies and home battery packs and stuff. Let's just take a look at TSLA the stock which is the summation of all the dreams of humanity. TSLA trades on sentiment and not on fundamentals, so lends itself very well to Elliott Wave analysis. And if you look at TSLA thru the lens of a wave pattern ... yikes, look out above. Because, lookit: stock commences a Wave 1 up in mid-2019, completing right before the Covid crisis at a little under USD200/share, split-adjusted. Wave 2 bottoms just like many growth names, with a 0.786 retracement in late Q1 2020. Wave 3 then is truly Yuge, peaking at the 4.236 extension of Wave 1 (almost perfectly - trading on sentiment). Shallow Wave 4 follows, bottoming at less than the 0.5 retracement of Wave 3. We think we're in Wave 5 now. Which has to be longer than Wave 1. So it could be as long as Wave 3. Which would mean a price target of $1370ISH. Yikes. (Disclosure, long TSLA).