$IGEN How do we have 60k subscriptions to family shield when we never seen 60,000 units on the books? Where are all the units for the 50% Hyundai's sold with our units? Is that based on one Dealership or the state of California? Where is that income? How do you get qualified for Nimbo tracker. How long is after a company is qualified do installs start? Are the 18,000 units for CEA or Family Shield? Are the units different for retail vs Commercial use? Is the patent fully integrated yet? If you think these questions should not or can not be answered by Chan I really want to know why you think we should not have clear answers to these questions.. This Has gone from a long term investment to watching for the big pump so I can dump.. Than once it goes back to .005's Rinse and repeat.. If it looks like a and quacks like a . It's a .. Chan is responsible to his shareholders to answer questions like this. Why doesn't he???