$ZM Share offering is the correct thing to do. I don't know how much people know about business before they invest when I see them panic. A public offering should make no difference to the value of your holding. They issued more shares but also have more money as a result of that. So you now have a % ownership in that extra cash. What it enables the company to do is to use that cash injection to grow even faster and increase the size of the pie down the line. How anyone can see anything but positive in this is beyond me.
@Chark Give you simple example to break it down for you. I have 10% shares in a company worth $10 Billion. Share price is $1. There are 10 billion outstanding shares. Therefore I have 1 billion shares and total value of my shares are $1billion. The company does an offering and issues 1 billion more shares for $1 billion cash. I am now diluted and no longer have 10% ownership as I have 1 billion shares out of 11 billion and my % now is: 9.09% (1/11x100). However, the worth of my shares has not changed a bit because the companies market share increased by 1 billion as they generated 1 billion in cash. So now my 9.09% is on $11 billion rather than $10 billion. However, the company has 1 billion extra cash to grow the business which is a positive not a negative. This is basic maths and finances.