$AMD Textbook reversal on the lower linear regression channel. TA works like a charm. Now we begin the journey to the top of that top channel.
@Chark Hey thanks for these awesome updates. Would you say today's candle qualifies as a doji? It was a 75bp move which isn't small but tiny compared to yesterday's price action. I'm trying to see if this chart is the beginning a morning star. And if the reverse head and shoulder today marks a bottom of this sell off. Thanks
@Modest_Investor_18 You're welcome. Yes it is definitely a green hammer reversal doji. This was already in an island bottoming pattern and this doji completes the pattern. See if you can spot where the island began. I posted charts earlier today about the Inverse H&S that is starting also. And yes it is setting up a morning star pattern. Here is the daily chart where you can see the island better.
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