@Chark SPG was huge winner in 2021 for me. I always pegged $180 as 2022 target. When it hit $170 in Nov 2021, I pocketed profits. It was hit today and I would love to reenter at $135-140, but not sure it gets there without S&P correction. Very solid mgmt and fundamentals, and they announce ER and exdividend date on 2/7. Typically stock performs best from announcement to actual ex div date, which is likely mid/end of March or so. Curious what your charts hint at from now thru 2/7 on SPG?
@Hello_Karma On the daily it is in an Inverse C&H in an ascending triangle with a gap up that just filled. It touched the top of the linear regression channel in an Elliott wave 5 & as it always & imminently does at the top of the channel & pulled back. I don't care what else happens, patterns always pull back with over extension of the channel. It is a mathematical certainty. It is now in a corrective wave c at the Fib 78.6 retracement. I can't fit my whole analysis on 1 post so stand by.