$ECOR “The Dutch company, Philips already announced its plan to sell its domestic appliances business in 2021, and as per a report of Pulse, Samsung might be planning to take that division-Philips is actually trying to focus on the healthcare sector. As a result, it is on the way to sell the audio and video business as well as the lighting department.“ so $250M acquistion of Gammacore would be a natural for this hardware only health care company.
@fezziwig2019 even if no such thing ever happens I believe they have a very unique product that is going to help a lot of people in days to come. Remember they to had a $15 ipo price in 2018. Now they have a FDA product amd 3rd party grants covering the costs of upcoming trials. Thet have big things coming. At this price I believe the company is undervalued all imo.