Every other day I see someone post on the $BOXL board about $GAXY claiming it is a better buy or people should look at it so I decided to do some comparing of the 2 since they are both in the same sector. First difference is Boxl is Nasdaq and Gaxy is OTC. Gaxy recently reported roughly $800k of revenues and has a 38 million market capitalization at the time of this post. Boxl recently reported roughly $33,424,000 of revenues and has a 148 million market capitalization at the time of this post. So Boxl is only valued roughly 4 times higher than that of Gaxy based on market capitalization, Meanwhile Boxl is reporting 4200%+ more revenues. let that sink in. . . Boxl undervaluation continues to shine in the sector while I suspect Gaxy has much more room to fall.
This is just a comparison of the two revenues reported by both companies. Numbers they each reported. It really makes one look at which company is getting the major of revenues. Also @cooltigerx you do realize Boxl has a ton more other products than just the Mimio Clarity right? Maybe the biggest sellers are the other products Boxl is selling. 33.4 million for the quarter for Boxl and roughly 800k for Gaxy is real reported numbers. This is a discussion board after all. Also $GAXY and $BOXL are partners for the Mimio Clarity which is just part of the products offered by Boxl.
Also @cooltigerx now my honest opinion is that $GAXY knocked it out of this park with the partnership with $BOXL as well. Long term I suspect their revenues will continually grow quarter over quarter year after year. However they are just a distributor for Boxl. Now as Boxl sales continue to grow and more Mimio Clarity products are sold the better long term for both companies. I just think 39 million market cap at this time for a distributor of boxl products showing 800k revenues for the quarter is a bit overextended. However I suspect long term Gaxy could be massive. The main point I am trying to make here is Boxl is extremely undervalued. I suspect some massive gains are coming.