$PHUN What a day it was. We got some hype over tweets from Alan that he is excited over something for today. Everyone of course got their knickers twisted and jumped like crazy hyping themselves up for some blasting news. Almost the repeat of two weeks ago when they announced the first batch of buying BTC. This of course ended up in massive disappointment and growing sentiment from bag holders that company is throwing money at BTC instead of using it to acquire more businesses. It didn’t help that BTC is back to it’s halving cycle so it will bleed for a bit. Compound this with the DWAC and it’s own problems, as they are also sliding pretty heavily, give a dash of current market being literally in permanent red it will give us a literal bears wet dream. What is expected tomorrow? Same shit different day. It’s only Monday and I already have enough, hopefully there will be some good news. Good look to all. LMAO might do this mini recaps more often instead of watching stocktwits all day.