$GHSI @Austin4448 Bullish $GHSI last night I did Lumega-Z tonight I do GlaucoCetin. GlaucoCetin is used to treat individuals with Glaucoma. It is the first regulated product for this disease and has been clinically used since 2016. Now again, I’m going to be a bit optimistic with Guardion‘s ability to market this product. GlaucoCetin is priced 80$ per month. In the US, there are 3 million known cases of Glaucoma. If only 10% (300,000) of those use GlaucoCetin, that’s a gross income of 288 million PER YEAR. Now let’s say Guardion markets this worldwide. By 2020, it estimated that 79.6 million people will be known to have Glaucoma. Let’s say only 2% (1.592mil) of those people use GlaucoCetin, majority probably in China, GHSI will gross ~1.6 billion annually. I’m not in pharmaceutical marketing, so idk how accurate the expected # of people would be, but imagine if it was more than my optimistic estimates. even if it’s a quarter of what I say, this company is a win!
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