$WKHS "What’s Workhorse, what’s Lordstown Motors and what’s the difference? Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns acknowledges it can be hard for people to delineate. - Burns founded both and was CEO of Workhorse before he left nearly a year ago to form and become CEO of Lordstown. - Workhorse, based in southwest Ohio, started 12 years ago in southwest Ohio to build electrically powered utility and delivery vans. It struggled financially in the past year. - Workhorse developed a prototype of an electric pickup called the Endurance three years ago. - Workhorse has licensed the pickup truck technology to Lordstown Motors and has turned preorders for the truck over to Lordstown. In exchange, it owns a 10 percent stake in Lordstown and gets a 1 percent commission on the first 200,000 trucks sold. - Workhorse is in the running for a $5 billion contract to build electric vehicles for the U.S. Postal Service, which Lordstown Motors anticipates building."
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