$LK 🇨🇳 Vehemently disagree kiddo. They were forced to throw them on market as a last resort. They had more than a month to coordinate the disposal of these shares in dark pools. There were no takers. Hence they sold for whatever they could salvage & will look to be made whole on the margin call through litigation.🇨🇳
@SharkBates @Sthompkins @fangtooth @Marluke @Stonksgoingup We also got the news this week that other banks are going after Chairman Lu for his default on the 518M loan. It doesn't seem like there are anymore $LK shares for the banks to seize and liquidate, as they are now going after his other assets and other company, Haode Investments. That's a good sign for $LK, if $GS has already finished the dumping of the seized shares and there are no more shares to dump. reuters.com/article/us-luck... "The banks that lent $518 million to Luckin Coffee (LK.O) Chairman Charles Zhengyao Lu have started court proceedings to liquidate his private company, a government gazette for the British Virgin Islands showed. Credit Suisse (CSGN.S) has proposed Grant Thornton be appointed as liquidators of Haode Investments Co., Mr Lu’s private company, which is registered in the Virgin Islands."
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