$HUTMF $BFARF $GLXY.CA $HVBTF $ARBKF April is over, BTC has not moved much vs March. Fundamental of BTC is still good. Beyond the stock to flow model, the fiat printing by central banks, the credit default swap market, the institution adoptions are providing fuel to its rise. The next big catalyst might be 1st US ETF or big corporations balance sheets. What a finish for HIVE today. Bitfarms has now 1420 PH, great ! Hut8 put other 1000 BTC at Galaxy for 4%. Very good to generate passive income. DMG offering was a deception for SP and timing, insiders were selling recently. They could have raised at 3+, maybe miss-calculation. They have promising software but immediate eye balls are on hashrate. Should have around 50M USD now. Hopefully will rise now. Argo had good numbers. They started 2020 at just 210 PH, will be at 1685 soon. MARA growth is even more in < 1 year, that’s why it’s worth to have an eye on some junior miners, I might do another chart if I have time. GL.