$SPY if the market had a mini-crash this week what do you think catalyst would be? 1. 2nd wave leading to 2nd shutdown 2. US/China tensions escalating 3. Colossally bad earnings from the big ones 4. A technical crash of FOMO selling leading to flash crash 5. Something else And no, I am not suggesting we are crashing...a deep pullback or bigger selloff wouldn’t surprise me however.
@Chicken_Little I always respect your .02. You’re one of the good ones. I am especially bearish because 1. DIX 2. Break of trend + volume 3. Various bearish divergences (RSI + breadth) It looks like BIG MONEY is preparing for the downturn imo. Could be wrong of course. And I am hedged for it. 👍👍
@SmallCapValueTrading Thanks - that's interesting, I've never looked at the DIX. Another one to add my toolkit. I put a lot of weight on VIX alone. If get above, close above, and stay above this yellow line, definitely will reconsider my position. Another thing is that we have huge put walls at 310 (but not at 320 yet) so anything below that level is a nice BTD into Aug Opex for me.
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