$AMYZF Take a peek at the 1Y Chart. AMYZF reached the same price level from 11/28/21 to 01/02/22 with NO Russian War and the DOW was much higher. I know it seems like the last week/month appeared as a doomsday for AMY, but now should be the time to Buy More! AMY has been preparing to deliver Good News for some time now , and having patience is the key! I still like the July - Dec Timeframe. ~ 50 years ago a friend suggested I buy stock in a new company for $1/share. The shares reached $70. I did not buy and have regretted it since. The company made Automobiles.... something named MAZDA. Do your research on AMY! Proven process, Proven Patented Results, Great Team, Financially Savvy, Following the AMY Plan, and about to make Lots of $$$. Hawk