$COMPQ $QQQ Comparing other time frames where we broke prior year (71-73 & 08) lows in Nasdaq Composite. If this happens yet again, WE GO BACK TO THE DAY THE FED ANNOUNCED UNLIMITED QE as target in the next 3-4 quarters. I told you guys to hold them levels and don't want a bearish GP. Enjoy the monster you've created.
@gpaisa @Blackouts @KickingAssets @WallStJesus They won’t pivot because the current phase of the plan is to intentionally blow everything up to pull off a currency reset with a central bank digital currency. They tweeted about it today! They telegraph their moves. Remember how the central bankers got out of equities at the top to “avoid conflicts of interest”? LMAO. That was their cue to smart money friends. I’m not the first to believe that COVID originated in the world of finance. They planned to release the virus, shut down the economy, fuck up supply chains, infinite QE, let inflation run hot, then blow up with deflation. Now comes a global recession and total tyranny with a CBDC to save the day. Your money will be rationed for certain goods and possibly deleted for poor social credit. You toe the line or get banished from society. twitter.com/federalreserve/...
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