$EVFM I'm still bullish, and I just want to understand why such fluctuations happen here! Nobody checks it or they are all now hiding and peeking. Smart shit like Jonny Blaze ... I'll clean my ass with that ... Just because something goes bad doesn't mean you can suck your ass! You have to try to work on it and do better! Where are all the smart asses now! if you have problems and he can with your boyfriend, discuss it. If you have trouble in your marriage you should try to solve the problem. But it's always so easy to give up! Only passively communicating people in this world who immediately hide in the cave when something is not going well! Nobody likes hard work anymore! Or believe in something a little longer. Everyone wants to take a lot of profits right away, every second of the day That's not how it works (unfortunately) where is this omniscient @JHONNY BLAZE