$WKHS -"will assemble 50,00 to 165,000 of them over 10 years". That's a very wide margin if you ask me. If memory serves me correctly the USPS currently has over 230K vehicles(190k deliver mail) in every class including purpose- built and commercial-off-the shelf. So basically out of 190k mail delivery vehicles, OSK will build anywhere from 50-165k. Who is going to make the rest of them? - "The vehicles will will be equipped with with either fuel efficient internal combustion engines or battery electric powertrains and can be retrofitted to keep pace with advances in electric vehicle technologies". I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles, but this implies 2 different vehicles unless OSK is going to do the hybrid and an all electric vehicle. Correct me if I'm wrong. "The NGDV , along with other COTS vehicles, will replace and expand the currently delivery fleet..." Will WKHS make some of the NGDV and some COTS? USPS will do mixed fleet?