Post Market Update $SPX $NASDAQ globally rallied Sunday evening, and it carried over into today, which was great to see. Since the market gave a new buy signal, the $IWM is DOWN 1.53%, $DJIA is up 1.48%, $SPY is up 3.01%, and the $QQQ is up 4.48%, beating all other indexes. $OIL is much lower today on news that OPEC will ease off production cuts – sending supply level higher. An interesting component of today's move is the $OILVIX is higher today. With the US major indexes all higher today, this upward move in the VIX just be related to volatility from the new all-time highs in the SP500 and Dow Jones indexes? Strange. The way the markets are reacting right now, it appears traders are expecting renewed upside trending in the US major indexes as global investors pile into the US #markets again. Much like what happened in 2017, when the $DXY strengthens as Emerging Markets and foreign currencies are under pressure, major US Indexes tend to rally as the safe-haven currency.