$ISR It would 'almost perfect' synchronistic branding if Electa was to launch a new product and a whole new division of brachytherapy...called Gamma Tile to accompany the largest selling external beam radiation machine. Gamma Knife! Likens is a smart guy. There is no company that GT poses a greater threat to than Electa...and my guess is that the name Gamma Tile was used as a long term plan of Likens to be aquired by the buyer who has the most to gain and loose. With ISR/GT could instantly aquire a brachytherapy division to absolutely crush C.R. Bard in what some consider to be an oncoming Renaissance in brachytherapy's acceptance...all thanks to ISR and over 10 years of extensive clinical evidence with groundbreaking results. I may be wrong but this is what I think is the plan...currently in the works. FDA will turn the key on this Ferrari.
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