$FCEL For those who care..This company almost went BK a few short months ago. After decades of struggle in an industry that hadn't even begun evolving..Now the BK is out of the question and that backlog of 2.1B is going to begin to get capitalized..So if they had a 2.1B backlog going into and after the troubles, isn't it at least fair to assume that they had to pass, or lost business because of the doubt that was hanging over their heads..The had to cut the workforce drastically. The only way to see where FCEL is going is to see what is coming from the "EXTREME GROWTH" that is coming FCEL's way..So don't post garbage about the past and what happened over the last 40 years, this is a new chapter, turn the page or go play in the basement with LJB and the rest of those scumbag shorties....
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