$FCEL "WARNING" That FactFox is either Shorty JO Bitch or he is working with him..He talks exactly like that POS..Keeps pounding on the past and won't acknowledge the idea that FCEL is just starting a turnaround..That 2.1B backlog is just what has been on the books for a long time..He assumes that FCEL isn't going after new business and will be just working on that for years to come..Cmon..You can't predict exactly how things will go but if you look at the growth projections for this industry and use that 2.1B as a base, then what will the future growth be going forward..If you think that FCEL won't be writing new business very very soon then listen to him..But if you think this industry is growing and that backlog is just the jumping off point then the direction should be obvious..Never listen to me or anyone else, do your own DD and try to see what the "FUTURE" will bring..Not easy to do but it's the only way to go if you are a long term investor..
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