$FCEL Why all the "Hype?". First and foremost..It's "H2 stupid"...FCEL has just gone through an excruciating period of BK rumors and reorg..The company paid down a great deal of their debt and negotiated a new loan through Orion, EOM signed a deal for R&D and FCEL just announced a 40% increase in the life cycle of their stacks...These are just a few of the bullet points that I am sure Mr. Few will be talking about Tues. For the first time since this company has been in business,"Over 4 Decades", FCEL will be moving to profitability. If you believe as I do that H2 is the future for our long term energy needs, then FCEL is one of the most "Undervalued" companies you could hope to find..Don't believe me or anyone else, DD this industry and read everything you can about H2/CC/CO2 sequestration storage and utilization, then decide for yourself if this is "JUST HYPE" or are you looking at the best opportunity in over 20 years..H2="BANG" $$$ The future is Bright As The Sun!!
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