$FCEL $BLDP $PLUG 3-6 months from now the CV will be in the rearview mirror..The economy will be just fine and we will be back to dealing with the long term effects of climate change..Big oil and gas have to move quickly to eliminate CO2 as soon as possible..The CV has been a distraction for sure, but will actually prove to bring more attention to the problem as we realize that the health of the planet and human health is eternally linked..We need to be more aware of the risks of inaction and tendency to continue doing things the way we have been for far too long..The future is extremely bright and the light that will be focused on the future of CCSUS will blind only those who don't prepare for the new world we will be creating for ourselves and our descendants..H2 is the only answer for many reasons and the benefits are becoming more obvious every day..
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