$FCEL $PLUG $BLDP Lots of new faces, a lot talking about how they have been here, funny I have been here since early spring last year and don't remember most..LOL But that's OK the party has just begun and the more the merrier....The future is bright when H2 provides the light..."Clean..Safe..Efficient..Resilient..Reliable..Eternally Recyclable"..H2="BANG"!! 90% of the matter in the universe is H2, humans will be utilizing H2 for as long as human life exists in the universe. This is the way we will utilize energy for "Millenia", fossil fuels will be a small blip in the timeline of human history.."How In The World Did We Take So Long To Utilize H2"??? This is just the beginning and if you trade these companies you will be talking for a very long time about how you missed the best opportunity of your life..Buy as many shares as you can afford to hold and watch them grow..H2 will be utilized in every aspect of energy usage and the TAM is incalculable..
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