$FCEL Feeling much better today, I actually slept a couple of hours and I have a whole new attitude today. We will get back to life as usual, the CV19 vaccine will begin to slow the spread of this terrible disease and we will begin the healing process. This election will stand out in history and as we begin to try and understand just what and why, we have to look forward and try to bring our country into a future of unified goals. We have to take seriously what took place and do our best to maintain an open mind towards everyone's ideas and thoughts. The truth is all we can ask for and if someone has an alternative view of reality that isn't supported by "The Majority" then the only option is law and order..Anything else is beneath the the best efforts of our forefathers and beneath the ideals we have adopted as a country..H2="BANG"!!! The future is so bright one person could never drown out the light..
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