$FCEL $PLUG The markets have become a rotation machine.. We go from overbought to oversold in a couple of months. Looking backwards you see it 20/20, but there is no way to know if this trend will continue. If you look at the amount of cash sitting on the sidelines and the amount of "Government Spending=Stimulus"that is coming, this worry about correction is way way overblown. The big hands want retail to be scared into cash and bonds to keep rates low, while they are selling their bonds to retail they are rotating into small caps and especially green energy. Once the trend is noticed by the retail chasers the SP rockets... There is no way to justify the selloff in green energy other than massive manipulation by tutes, hedges and week retail fear, the large investors have now adjusted to the new retail traders who think chasing is the only way to go. They will always adjust to take advantage of traders who don't know a thing about what they own and sell at the drop of a hat. H2="BANG"!