$FCEL $PLUG By the end of 2021 we will get at very least the 1st infrastructure bill and I estimate at least 50% of the second. The 1st will be enough to send these upward again and the second has the potential to run these back over the 52 week highs. "Anyone" who doesn't factor the extreme growth that is coming into their valuations is either uninformed or a short troll. Even if we don't get everything we want from the federal government, we will get a great deal from individual states as they mandate more EV's, both BEV's and FCEV's, and the infrastructure for H2 distribution and sales will be built out faster than you might imagine. The existing fueling stations for ICE vehicles will be transformed into, "Multi Fueling Centers", capable of servicing all forms of transportation. I see a future of new transportation modes from VTOL vehicles to drones. Once this gets rolling your going to have to chase like never before to ride the "H2Chuckwgn" and we don't stop for "Anyone"..