$CLWD ok I’m out , thanks for an awesome ride but set my price at 0.10 and exceeded it , Be carful from here been in since 0.1 and looked at where it should be. With 650M outstanding shares at 0.11 has a market cap is now $70M. For a solid company with all its ducks in a row I would give 10x Rev for a cap so EVEN if this lives up to its 14M and all the other good now MAX cap imho is $140m So was massive value a few days ago MAY have some more legs but not many Even with the hype no more than 0.2 Certainly not a dollar or even 5 that is been banded around. Not saying don’t invest but be carful this is I think about to get overstretched for the short term If your looking for Long this is still solid but don’t expect another 5x any time soon Good luck all And thank clwd it was a ride i will remember you fondly.
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