$XELA famil do your DD. Price is suppressed due to this being heavily shorted and heavily manipulated stock. Still over a billion a year in revenue. 60 percent of fortune 100 as customers, customers in 50 countries and employees in 23 countries. Just opened HR solutions in India. Opened up to SMBs only in past year. 207 Billion TAM without including SMBs. Also have around 61 institutions loading up millions of shares past 2 quarters with averages from $2.20s to $3.00. I mean they’re only a 2017 company that’s growth was stunted during pandemic. Entire countries banking systems depend on $XELA . My only guess as to why it’s being so manipulated and shorted is competitors with whale investors attempts to suppress price and drive out of business. The 2021 bounce back is undeniable and I don’t believe they will be able to keep price out of double digits for long. I’m so convinced that I’m betting my sons future on it. Have a good weekend and keep the faith. $XELA 💎🙌🏻🚀🌗