$TDOC @covid_2019 havent charted this one before, obviously very parabolic. Black line is the long term support. I always like to identity parallel channels and this one has a pretty well defined one. Stoch touched oversold and rsi is neutral. TRM been on sell, but notice the positive reaction it has when touching the 50ema (yellow). If I were starting a new position that’s what I’d be monitoring. All my best. 👍
@holdingbags @covid_2019 @Allyofall hijacking thread some here, but adding my analysis. This fired a positive reversal with a target of 197.30 by 11Jun for it to be considered a strong trend. The other bullish thing I see is a prior pivot and price chops around it each time it passes thru there (orange line support). For bearish, it didnt bounce off the normal trend support (yellow) and both indicators show downtrending strength even as price continues up. Imo, it's neutral and worth a daily peek but theres better buys out there until this shows some better signals.
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