$SHIB.X 🚨🚨.BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨 I spoke to ALL 22.5 million active Robinhood users about SHIB. (Called them collect to save some money) They all said that they found other platforms to buy SHIB. I was also able to find some time to speak to all Future robinhood users. About 9.5 million. For 2022. They also said they found other platforms to buy SHIB. As soon as I get some free time I’ll call all the users planning on getting Robinhood for 2023. So there you have it. Once it’s listed on Robinhood Not one person will buy. Just so you know. Robinhood users Year Users 2015 0.5 million 2016 1 million 2017 2 million 2018 6 million 2019 10 million 2020 13 million 2021 22.5 million