$XSPA The airline and travel industries are hurting badly. It's only a matter of time before CV-19 testing becomes mandatory. The masses will NOT fly again in those narrow, cramped, aluminum tubes if they don't make testing mandatory. People want to know they're safe when they fly and be 100% sure no one has CV-19 on their flight. All we need is those close to 100% accurate rapid test kits and we will absolute go beyond the moon. Why? CAUSE WE HAVE AN AIRPORT MONOPOLY! We are the first and only company in the unique position of having the airport real estate space that we have. The airports we are in want to help facilitate testing by giving us extra space to construct our portable testing sites. Picture it...Portable test sites at every security check point where everyone must be tested and certified CV free before they can pass through security. If we all just be patient and hold, we're all going to make life changing money! HOLD YOUR GOLD MY FRIENDS!!! When NOT if!βœˆπŸš€πŸ›ΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
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