$ORPH For all those asking... If you want to get into a company that's primed to explode up like ORPH, do some DD on $OSAT. One of the lowest float stocks on the entire NASDAQ with under 900k shares. 😯Ever see an analysts 1 year target prediction like this one!? ⬇️ Almost $12M!!!Crazy, right? But these guys are pros. This is their job and what they do for a living. Even if he's batcrap crazy and it goes to $100, I won't complain. Lol Seriously though, somebody knows something massive is on the horizon and coming soon. Anddd they have contracts with companies such as Amazon, SpaceX, CNN, The BBC, Adidas, citibank, sky news, BP, The Ministry of Defense, Sony and many others. So do your DD and get in for under $6!