$SGRP GOOD MORNING!! 👋 I'm going to do full blown trajectory analysis of their revenue in the upcoming quarter and why this could potentially see 5$ in the near short term. And once it hits 5$, then possibly we could see $ACY $SCKT $BPTH spike type moves to 10$ or even 20$. Never ever underestimate a company that does business even during pandemic. Yes store modifications and closures !!! They are involved. In the long run, this could be even trading over 10$ soon. More analysis on their revenue based on their customers and customers they have. All will be updated in my BLOG. 🙏🔥💎👍 #yolo $STUDY 📒
@Diniztrade @Dark_prince This guy clearly hasn’t done any homework. 5 dollar sp? The last sp before the news was to be set at 8 or 9. No, it will not hit 5 or even 8 or 9 at this point. Don’t pay attention to the fake/false analysis. This guy doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.